Android apps are coming to Chromebooks

In today's open source roundup: Chrome OS is getting Android apps. Plus: Get great Linux games on sale at Steam, and Makulu Linux KDE 6.0 released

Owners of Chromebooks may soon be able to run Android apps, according to a report from GIGAOM. It seems that Google is working to make it possible for Android developers to port their apps to Chrome OS. When this eventually happens it could result in an explosion of Android apps for Chromebooks.

According to GIGAOM:

Google’s Sundar Pichai had a lot to share on stage the Google I/O 2014 keynote on Wednesday...and one of items that was actually the most interesting came when Pichai said Android apps are coming Google’s Chrome OS.

On the surface that sounds great. There’s a bit of a catch though. If you thought the entire Android catalog of apps — some hundreds of thousands of titles — would magically and instantly work on a Chromebook, you thought wrong. These aren’t currently existing Android apps running in some type of virtual machine on a Chromebook. Instead, Pichai used the word “port” a few times, meaning Android software developers can bring their Android apps to Chrome if they don’t mind a little effort.

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Android Apps Run On Chromebooks
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This could be great for Chromebook users, but there is an onion-in-the-ointment here and that's the fact that Android apps are touch-based. Most Chromebooks don't have touch screens, so I'm not sure how Google is going to get around that problem in the short term.

No doubt we'll probably see touch eventually incorporated into Chrome OS and Chromebooks in a much wider way in future products. That will help with the integration of Android apps into the Chrome OS platform. This means that it will probably take a while longer though before we start to see wide release of Android apps for Chromebooks.

Still, I'm very glad to see this and I think it will eventually be great for most Chromebook users. But we are just going to have to be patient while Google works through the problems of getting Android apps on Chrome OS.

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