Linux gamers rejoice as Aspyr Media releases Civilization V for SteamOS

In today's open source roundup: Civilization V released for SteamOS. Plus: Run Civilization V on your Chromebook, and how well does Civilization V run on Linux?

Civilization V has been released for SteamOS. This is wonderful news for Linux gamers, particularly those that favor these kinds of strategy games. Civilization V is a major game, and it's release bodes well for the future of Linux gaming. You can get it right now on the Steam store, and it's on sale as I write this (but you better hurry if you want the sale price).

According to Steam:

Aspyr Media is pleased to announce our first Linux and SteamOS title, Sid Meier’s Civilization V. The SteamOS release includes all Civilization V DLC and expansion content, including Gods & Kings and Brave New World.

This release targets SteamOS on current gen hardware. Additionally, we're working towards supporting Ubuntu 14.04 as well as additional video cards in future updates.

More at Steam
Hat tip: GamingOnLinux

Apparently it's a native Linux game, it doesn't use wrappers like some other games. That should provide a significantly better experience for Linux gamers, given that games using wrappers generally don't seem to perform as well as native releases.

Linux gamers on Reddit are already celebrating the release of Civilization V. And who can blame them? We've waited a long time for this and now it's finally here.

Run Civilization V on your Chromebook

I bumped into another thread on Reddit that indicates you can run Civilization V on a Chromebook via Crouton.

According to Reddit ChromeOS:

Got it running on my Acer c720p with Crouton as well. I've got all the settings on low (but not "minimal"). The really cool thing is the game works flawlessly with the touch screen. Buttons are easy to click, and you panning the map with the touch screen is really smooth and responsive. I just wish you could pinch to zoom.

More at Reddit ChromeOS
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