Valve's Steam Machines delayed until 2015

No Steam Machines from Valve until 2015. Plus: A windows user falls in love with his Chromebook, and how to install Linux on a Macbook Pro

Valve's Steam Machines and SteamOS electrified the gaming industry when they were announced. Valve's decision to use Linux for SteamOS also sent shockwaves across the gaming industry and excited many Linux gamers. Unfortunately, it looks like we'll have to wait until 2015 to see the launch of the Steam Machines, according to Ars Technica.

According to Ars Technica:

On Tuesday evening, Valve Software used a forum in the Steam games-store app to announce a delay, though for once, it wasn't for an internally developed video game. Instead, the company slapped a "when it's done" sticker on its Steam Machine living-room PC project, which has now been bumped to "a release window of 2015, not 2014."

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Valve Steam Machines Delayed Until 2015
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Well, this is certainly a bummer for Linux gamers. And I have no doubt that some folks in the media will use this delay announcement to cast doubt on the entire Steam project. But I think Valve is doing the right thing by waiting until they get their Steam Machines right. It would be a huge mistake for them to release such devices prematurely according to some arbitrary timetable.

A Windows user falls in love with his Chromebook

A Beta News writer explains how he fell in love with his Chromebook, and moved away from using his Windows desktop computer.

According to Beta News:

Despite that I've owned an HP 11 Chromebook since its release, I've viewed it as little more than a novelty. I work from an office on the third floor of my home, which has a nice size desk, desktop PC and 15.6 inch laptop, both running Windows 8.1.

This time I elected to give the HP 11 a shot, as it's light and easy to carry. The only question was "how will I do my job?"

Working from this laptop has become habit now, and I am seeing less need for the bigger, more full featured Windows machines that reside up in that office. Yes, using a Chromebook can be productive and easy. It just requires a bit of trial and error and adaptation.

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Switch From Windows to Chromebook
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