Is Adobe Flash critical to the future of Linux?

In today's open source roundup: Flash won't work with Chromium in Linux. Plus: Why use Linux? And Google offers CoreOS as part of its cloud services

Adobe Flash has long held sway over a large swathe of web content. Now it will no longer function in Chromium for Linux, and TechRepublic thinks that Linux really needs Flash (among other things). But is that really true? Is Flash really all that important to the future of Linux?

According to TechRepublic:

The big Flash debacle is simple: the old way of handling Flash (within a browser) is insecure. It was driven by the Netscape Plugin API (NPAPI) -- an architecture that dates back to Netscape Navigator 2.0. NPAI that's insecure, obsolete, and doesn't work well on smartphones and tablets -- which is a death knell in and of itself.

But there's a problem. The Chromium browser (the browser that many die-hard open source fans use) will not be able to enjoy the new PPAPI architecture without extracting it from Chrome. This should be a do-able tasks for users familiar to tinkering with Linux. However, for new users (or users who simply don't have time to spend on such endeavors), this will be a deal breaker.

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Flash and Linux

I've loathed Flash for a long time, I barked about it in a column a while back. Frankly, I'm glad to see it gone from Chromium though I do recognize that that will cause problems for some Linux users. But its really not the end of the world, eventually the web will move on from Flash anyway.

And let's remember that not everybody wants Flash on their computers anyway. It can be a huge resource hog that can cause a lot of power management problems on mobile devices and laptops as it tends to drain battery power fairly quickly. Some people simply prefer to avoid Flash as much as possible.

Perhaps Linux needs to take a page from Apple's iOS playbook and begin phasing out Flash support altogether. iOS has never supported Flash and it's doing just fine without it. The sooner other platforms follow suit, the better off we'll all be as Flash eventually vanishes from the web landscape.

Why use Linux?

A user on Reddit asked why people use Linux, and some of the answers are quite interesting.

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