Gmail Android app hits one billion downloads

In today's open source roundup: Gmail for Android passes one billion downloads. Plus: Linux Mint 17 release candidate review, and Reddit's Linux survey results

Gmail is one of Google's most popular products and now it has hit a new milestone on the Android platform. According to Google Vice President Sundar Pichai on Google+, Gmail passed one billion downloads on May 15.

However, the Inquirer is cautioning folks not to get too excited about this.

According to The Inquirer:

This doesn't necessarily mean that Gmail for Android has one billion users, however. First off, the ticker on Gmail's Google Play page is a tally of total number of installs rather than the total number of devices that have the app installed.

Also, some reports note that the one billion figure includes inactive and duplicate accounts, and it's also worth noting that a Gmail app comes preloaded on most Android devices.

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GMail One Billion Android Downloads
Image credit: The Inquirer

I can understand the Inquirer wanting to clarify that one billion downloads does not mean one billion users, but this is still a rather impressive achievement for Google. And given Gmail's popularity, I have no doubt it will hit one billion users for real at some point.

Linux Mint 17 release candidate review

ZDNet has a review of the Linux Mint 17 release candidate that became available last week, and their assessment seems quite positive.

According to ZDNet:

The Release Candidate for Linux Mint 17 (Qiana) was released a few days ago. A lot of people have been looking forward to this release, and I am one of them. So I have downloaded both the Cinnamon and MATE versions, and installed them on several of my laptops and netbooks. As is pretty much always the case with Mint, everything went very smoothly, and it all appears to work very well.

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Linux Mint 17 Release Candidate Review
Image credit: ZDNet
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