Microsoft bashes Chromebooks in YouTube video

In today's open source roundup: Microsoft tries to discredit Chromebooks. Plus: Will systemd cause a split between Linux desktop and server distros? And five tips to help you move to open source software

Chromebook sales are smokin' hot right now on Amazon, and that fact has certainly not been missed by Microsoft. The Redmond giant is not happy that so many people are buying Chromebooks, and it has lashed out via a YouTube video in a desperate attempt to discredit Chromebooks. Linux Netbook reports on Microsoft's YouTube shenanigans.

According to Linux Netbook:

Microsoft is well known for spreading FUD to harm their competition. A business strategy that may work to some extent, but is also a sign that Microsoft lacks confidence in their own products.

Microsoft recently published a Microsoft Educast on YouTube where they compared Chromebooks to Windows 8 laptops. The video has been set to private in the meantime, I suppose the feedback wasn't very positive. In the 9 minute video they manage to get several things wrong though. Maybe not as embarrassing as other MS FUD campaigns, but still worth a closer look.

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I tried to access the YouTube video, and it's still set to private. So it looks like Microsoft must have caught some serious heat after releasing it. The Linux Netbook article looks at some of the criticisms in the video so do click through to see more of what was in it.

It seems quite absurd to me for Microsoft to even bother with creating a video like this. I doubt any potential Chromebook buyer is going to find or sit through such a video, and why on earth would they want to get Microsoft's input before buying a Chromebook anyway? The entire effort just makes Microsoft look bad, and I can't help but feel embarrassed for them that they'd stoop to this sort of thing.

Microsoft would do much better to focus on improving its products instead of bashing Google's. The way to win is to provide users with additional value at lower costs, not to badmouth competitive products. But this is something that Microsoft just doesn't seem to understand right now and I wonder if they ever will.

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