Which manufacturers provide speedy Android updates?

In today's Android roundup: Find out which Android manufacturers provide fast OS updates. Plus: A peek inside the factory that makes the Samsung Galaxy Alpha, and a journalist might dump Android for iOS

Android has long been criticized for fragmentation that sometimes makes it hard for users to get timely software updates. But it's important to note that Android updates can vary wildly between device manufacturers. Ars Technica has a helpful look at which Android manufacturers provide speedy updates and which ones fail to do so.

According to Ars Technica:

For every Android update, Google's release of code to OEMs starts an industry-wide race to get the new enhancements out to customers. So how did everyone do this year? Who was the first with KitKat, and who was the last? What effect does your carrier have on updates? How has the speed of Android updates changed compared to earlier years?

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Android manufacturer software update ratings
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I think Ars Technica did a great job with this article, and it's definitely worth considering if you are in the market for a new Android device. I would absolutely lean toward the devices of manufacturers that provide reasonably quick updates to Android. Google, Motorola and HTC are at the top of the list in terms of speedy updates.

The rest of the vendors mentioned really need to get on the ball and start offering faster updates. If they don't then I suspect we'll eventually see it start costing them sales. There's nothing like lost revenue to light a fire under a company's rear end and force them to improve their update schedules.

Note that the article doesn't include all Android manufacturers, it seems to focus on the most prominent companies and carriers. So if you own an Android device made by another company you might not see it listed in the article. But the update times listed will at least give you a benchmark of comparison to what you've experienced with your current Android device.

How the Galaxy Alpha is made in the factory

Samsung gives us a peek behind the scenes and shares how a Galaxy Alpha is made in the factory.

According to Samsung:

During product development, a number of computerized numerical control (CNC) processes – automation of machine tools controlled by computers – are used to extract the Galaxy Alpha’s metal frame. At the beginning of development, the device’s frame is carved and trimmed from a rough metal material to shape Galaxy alpha’s unique design. Following this, secure spaces for the battery and window parts are formed to connect with the frame. Next, the outer edge of the frame is developed to express Galaxy Alpha's signature curved corners and where its key buttons and antenna are housed.

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How a Samsung Galaxy Alpha phone is made
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