Android beats Apple's iOS mobile ad traffic

In today's open source roundup: Android versus iOS in mobile ads. Plus: Why you should get involved with open source, and Ars Technica reviews Ubuntu 14.04

iOS has long held an advantage over Android in mobile ad traffic, but that seems to be changing according to Forbes. It looks like some of the more recent Android devices are beginning to eat away at Apple's previous domination of mobile advertising.

According to Forbes:

The numbers: Android claims the most ad traffic, with 42.8% of ad impressions vs. iOS’s 38.2%. Android smartphones actually took the lead over iOS phones in the fourth quarter, but Apple’s tablet traffic still kept iOS ahead overall. That edge evaporated in the first quarter.

Apple’s devices still hold a big lead on Android devices in making money off those ads, however. The iOS smartphones and tablets together commanded 52.3% of revenues to Android’s 33.5%. But the latter is an improvement from 26.7% a year ago. And iOS’s share is down from 60% in last year’s first quarter.

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Android Versus iOS in Mobile Ads

It remains to be seen if this will last, but it's certainly good news for Android, and it may spur developers to start releasing more apps for Android or to release them on Android first rather than iOS.

Get involved with open source

The Huffington Post shares some thoughts about why you might want to get involved with open source projects.

According to Huffington Post:

Trying to generalize open-source is not an easy task - a lot of book writers, community leaders and presenters have different opinions on how the open-source community works, and whether it has any real benefit to newcomer programmers. I think it does, and here are some reasons for it...

If you care about the open internet, the open web and your own privacy - you should care about the open-source communities. I've never seen anyone get harmed, for contributing and getting involved with someone else's ideas and dreams. It's all for the best, and it makes the web as accessible as it is.

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Why Get Involved With Open Source
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I found this article to be a bit of a breath of fresh air, given all the negativity about open source in the media due to the Heartbleed bug. It's always great to see somebody taking the time to encourage newcomers to get involved with open source software.

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