Is iOS better for developers than Android?

In today's open source roundup: A developer's lament about Android. Plus: Run Windows XP apps in Linux Mint with CrossOver, and Chromecast and Android TV

Android and iOS are locked in a war for the heart's and minds of developers as well as users. Dave Feldman, the cofounder of Emu, talks about the difficulties in successfully developing for the Android platform, and comes to the reluctant conclusion that iOS is a better place to be for his company.

We launched Emu for iPhone on April 2, and we’ve pulled Emu for Android out of the Play Store. We hope we’ll return to Android someday, but our team is too small to innovate and iterate on multiple platforms simultaneously. We’ve concluded iPhone is a better place to be:

Our decision to build on top of SMS/MMS involved huge, unanticipated technical hurdles.

Even when you don’t support older Android versions, fragmentation is a huge drain on resources.

Google’s tools and documentation are less advanced, and less stable, than Apple’s.

Android’s larger install base doesn’t translate into a larger addressable market.

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Emu Pulled From Google Play Store
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While the column is definitely a downer for Android fans, I hope that it lights a fire under Google's rear end to deal with some of the problems mentioned by Feldman. Such forthright feedback should be taken seriously by Google so they can use it to provide a better environment for developers.

CrossOver, Windows XP and Linux Mint

ZDNet takes a look at how to install Windows XP applications in Linux Mint by using CrossOver.

CrossOver is based on the open-source project Wine, an implementation of the Windows application programming interface (API) on top of the Unix/Linux operating system family. Wine is a mature project with 20 years of work behind it.

Technically, you don't need CrossOver Linux to run Windows applications on Linux. You can do it with Wine alone — if you know what you're doing. What CrossOver brings to the table is automated installation of Windows applications and technical support. CrossOver makes it much easier to install and manage Windows applications.

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Run Windows XP Applications in Linux Mint With CrossOver
Image credit: ZDNet
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