The best Linux apps and games of 2013

Today in Open Source: The best Linux apps and games of 2013. Plus: ZaReason Zeto compact gaming PC review, and get a discount on the Debian Administrator's Handbook

The Best Linux Apps and Games of 2013

OMG! Ubuntu! has a couple of roundups that cover their take on the best Linux apps and games of 2013.

Last year we rounded up 10 of our favourite apps that debuted on the desktop. This year we’re doing things a little differently by also including updates released during the course of the year.

What did we pick?


Birdie Twitter App


Unity Tweak Tool

Intel Graphics Driver Installer

Ubuntu SDK

VoD Enablement App


Lightworks for Linux

GNOME Music Preview

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More at OMG! Ubuntu!

Strangely enough, the app that stands out for me is Springseed. I'm a compulsive note-taker so any app that lets me do that well is greatly appreciated. The fact that it's free and open source just adds to the appeal.

I noticed that the comments have been disabled at OMG! Ubuntu! for the top apps article. It's a shame that some people can't disagree in a civil manner. Oddly enough, the comments for the gaming list linked to below are still on. So much for the idea that gamers don't have good manners.

With 2013 wrapping up, we’ve brought together 10 of our favourite Linux games of the past year. Our list contains both indie titles and some of the most influential AAA titles to date. This list isn’t intended to be comprehensive nor anything other than our opinion.

Garry's Mod

Half-Life 2

Amnesia: A Machine for Pigs

Metro: Last Light


0 A.D.

War in a Box: Paper Tanks


Europa Universalis IV

Kentucky Route Zero

Image credit: OMG! Ubuntu!
More at OMG! Ubuntu!

I didn't find too much that appealed to me on the top games list. These days I'm a very casual gamer, so something like SuperTuxKart is more my speed. Yeah, I know I'm lame.

No doubt there's plenty on that list to keep Linux gamers busy for quite a while though. It's good to see that Linux gaming rolled right along in 2013, I think 2014 is going to be even better.

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