Will Ubuntu dominate tablets in 2014?

Today in Open Source: Ubuntu's tablet may dominate the field in 2014. Plus: A SteamOS install guide, and a screenshot tour of Fedora 20 MATE

Ubuntu Tablet may dominate in 2014

Tech Republic has five reasons why an Ubuntu tablet could do quite well in 2014.

I truly believe that a tablet running Linux could really shock the naysayers in 2014. If you don't believe me, I'll give you five good reasons why this could be the case.

1. It will actually happen

2. An Ubuntu tablet will be user-friendlier than the competition

3. An Ubuntu tablet will out-flex Android

4. An Ubuntu tablet will run Android apps

5. The Ubuntu tablet will be a near-desktop OS

Ubuntu Tablet
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I'd be absolutely thrilled if the article is proven right. Android and iOS both have their faults and problems. If Canonical can come out with a superior tablet product then it would be a real boon to users, and it could encourage Apple and Google to improve their mobile offerings.

I was somewhat surprised to note that an Ubuntu tablet might run Android apps. Frankly, I'm not so sure that that will be a good thing over the long haul. Ubuntu will need its own successful ecosystem to compete with Android and iOS, so focusing on running Android apps may detract resources from that effort. It may also encourage users to lean too much on Android at the expense of Ubuntu's own app store.

SteamOS install guide

Linux User has a detailed, step by step guide to installing SteamOS.

Last week, Valve released the first beta for SteamOS. Although traditionally supplied on a disc image, Valve made the process slightly easier for some people by allowing you to unzip it straight onto a USB stick. However, installing it properly is a little more complex, and the Valve instructions can only take you so far. Here’s our plain English guide to installing SteamOS, and how to use hardware not recommended by Valve.

Warning: before we start, know that installing SteamOS will wipe your system. Valve also suggests you use at least a 500 GB hard drive, however about 100 GB will do if you that’s all you can find. The only limit will be how many games you can download to your system. Either use a spare machine that you don’t mind erasing everything from, or swap in a spare hard drive into your system and remove all the others.

SteamOS Install Guide
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