Best Linux distributions for 2014?

Today in Open Source: The top Linux distros for 2014. Plus: Chrome 32 released by Google, and is Microsoft worried about Firefox OS?

Best Linux distros for 2014? has a list of the top Linux distros for 2014.

The Linux avalanche is rolling and gathering mass and momentum. Linux won, so what's next? Amazing growth is what's next: we're at the bare beginning of the Linux juggernaut rolling into existing markets and blazing into new ones.

My top 7 picks for 2014 are nowhere near comprehensive, but they highlight important work. As always you are invited to share your own picks in the comments.

Most Beautiful Distro: Bodhi

Best Desktop Distro: Xubuntu

Best Laptop Distro: Lubuntu

Most Important for the Future of Linux Distro: DouDou

Best Fighting the Man Distro: TAILS

Best Enterprise Distro: SUSE and Red Hat

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Carla Schroder did a great job with these picks, there's a lot to like in the list. Usually you get these kinds of lists at the end of the year when people do the usual round of "best of" roundups so it's interesting to get one at the very beginning of the year.

Bodhi is definitely a fine looking distro, and Xubuntu would also go at the top of my list for desktop distros. Be sure to click through and read the full article for details on why Carla picked each distribution. Then fire up VirtualBox and check out the ones that interest you. There's definitely some fun distrohopping to be had in her list.

If you find yourself thirsting for even more Linux distros, head over to DistroWatch and you'll find lots more to install in VirtualBox. And please be sure to share your own top picks for 2014 in the comments below, I'm curious to know which distros folks are into for 2014.

Chrome 32 released for Linux

Softpedia is reporting that Chrome 32 is out for Linux (as well as Windows and OS X).

The Google Chrome 32 web browser (the actual version is 32.0.1700.77 for Linux/Mac OS X and 32.0.1700.76 for Windows/Chrome Frame), introduces tab indicators for sound, casting, and webcam.

In addition, Google Chrome 32 now automatically blocks malware files, adds a different look to the Windows 8 Metro mode, as well as several new apps/extension APIs, and many under the hood fixes for better stability and performance.

More at Softpedia

Chrome is a great browser in some ways, but I have to admit that I stopped using it and moved back to Firefox a while ago. Google's privacy issues just creep me out too much to use it as my main browser. If you're still using Chrome, version 32 looks like a good update though so do check it out.

Firefox OS and Microsoft

Foss Force has an interesting take on Firefox OS and Microsoft. Will Firefox OS haunt Microsoft the same way that Netscape did?

The browser-as-operating-system concept that frightened the folks in Redmond back in the Netscape days is finally here. Unlike Chrome OS, it’s not cloud based–the browser is used to run local as well as network apps.

If it’s already going to be on televisions and other devices, it’s only a matter of time before it’ll appear on laptops and desktops. If I were Microsoft, I’d find this to be yet another reason to worry.

More at Foss Force

While I'm very happy to see Firefox OS available, I'm not so sure that Microsoft is all that worried about it right now. Android and iOS are probably uppermost in Microsoft's mind, along with all the internal drama happening as the company tries to find a new CEO to replace the deposed Steve Ballmer.

What's your take on all this? Tell me in the comments below.

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