Eleven major features found in Apple's OS X Mavericks

Today in Apple: 11 important features in OS X Mavericks. Plus: Apple gains mobile market share, and a review of the 2013 27-inch iMac

Eleven Major Features in OS X Mavericks

Information Week has a good roundup of eleven important features found in Apple's OS X Mavericks operating system. OS X Mavericks should be available later this month.

OS X Mavericks doesn't bring dramatic changes to the Mac, but it does offer a lot of thoughtful improvements that add up. Here are 11 of the new features that might make it worth installing.

1. App Nap

2. Sprite Kit

3. AV Kit

4. Safari Power Saver

5. Compressed Memory

6. Multiple Screens

7. Tags

8. Safari Push Notifications

9. iCloud Keychain

10. iBooks

11. Automatic Application Updates

More at Information Week

I'm looking forward to OS X Mavericks. The App Nap, Safari Power Saver, Compress Memory, Tags, and Automatic Updates are particularly appealing to me.

I've gotten used to apps in iOS 7 automatically updating themselves, it's so much better than doing it manually. I can't wait until OS X Mavericks lets me do the same thing on the Mac. Who wants to keep clicking to update apps all the time? Ugh. It's so tiresome and unnecessary.

Apple Gaining on Android Market Share

ZDNet is reporting that Apple is picking up steam against Android in terms of market share.

comScore's latest quarterly surveys for the U.S. mobile phone wars are out for the summer months. While Google's Android operating system still leads the pack with 51.6 percent of the platform market share, Apple moved up to 40.7 percent, even before the sensational September sales of its iPhone 5c and iPhone 5s.

Apple's iOS's gains came at the expense of Android which saw its market share decrease from 52.4 percent to 51.6 percent, and the beleaguered BlackBerry which also lost 0.8 percentage points. Blackberry now holds a mere 4 percent of the overall market. Microsoft, with Windows Phone 8, crept up by 0.2 percentage points to a 3.2 percent share.

Apple Gains Mobile Market Share Against Android
Image credit: ZDNet
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It should be very interesting to see the numbers after the iPhone 5S and 5C sales are taken into account. Sales of the new iPhones were markedly higher than expected by analysts so it's safe to say that Apple may get an additional bump in market share.

2013 27-inch iMac Review

Tech Crunch has a review of the new 27-inch iMac.

Here’s where the new iMac shines, thanks to latest generation Intel Haswell processors, and much improved graphic card options on all levels of the device. The one I’ve got has the top-of-the-line Nvidia 700-series option, a GeForce GTX 780M with 4GB of dedicated video memory. It’s powerful enough that it hardly breaks a sweat running Civilization V in windowed mode at 1920×1080 resolution in addition to powering Photoshop CC, Final Cut Pro X, and any number of browser tabs and communication software.

In general, gaming performance was excellent on the new iMac, including sample tests performed using the recently released Mac App Store versions of Bioshock Infinite and Lord of the Rings: War in the North. This iMac isn’t one that will back down to a gaming challenge, though the most demanding gamers will probably still want to spec out and build their own custom Windows gaming PC if only because of library size.

Apple has provided a fairly standard upgrade for the iMac with these most recent versions, much like it does between major generational shifts for the Mac that happen every few years. But the hidden nature of these changes belies their benefits, especially for users working at the top level of the iMac’s capabilities. A fully-specced machine isn’t for everyone (the price tag alone will put most off), but barring anything truly shocking in terms of a price tag for the upcoming Mac Pro, the top of the line new iMac is the creative professional’s current best friend. And no matter the price point/configuration, Apple still definitely makes the best all-in-one available.

2013 iMac Review
Image credit: Tech Crunch
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I'm still creeping by with an older 27-inch iMac. The newer ones look great, but they're not enough to tempt me to upgrade just yet. I'd hoped for a retina screen, but I guess I'll have to wait a while on that. It would probably be too expensive in a 27-inch iMac right now.

What's your take on all this? Tell me in the comments below.

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