Will OS X Mavericks look like iOS 7?

Today in Apple: OS X Mavericks based on iOS 7? Plus: iOS 7 hidden features, and prolong your iPhone's battery life

Will OS X Mavericks Look Like iOS 7?

A designer named Edgar Rios has created an amazing concept for OS X that is based on the design of iOS 7. He's changed the dock icons, and added an iOS7-like Control Center and Notification Center (among other changes). On the whole I think it looks great, and it made me wonder about OS X Mavericks.

Be sure to check out the rest of the images at the Behance link below. Edgar has done some great work on this project. Maybe Apple should consider taking him on as a designer? Stranger things have happened, and he seems to have a good handle on blending mobile and desktop features.

More at BehanceHat Tip: Cult of Mac

Will Apple incorporate these sorts of changes in OS X Mavericks? I hate to have to say it but no, I don't think they will. It's too late for such a drastic overhaul of OS X. Various betas for Mavericks have come and gone, and the release is rumored to be at the end of October. So I don't see an iOS 7-like user interface happening this time around.

However, you can be sure that we'll most likely see it in OS XI. I'd be absolutely shocked if we didn't see it happen by then. Moving from X to XI is the perfect time to introduce such a large change. It would reinvigorate Apple's desktop operating system and modernize it while also bringing it closer to what iOS 7 currently offers on mobile devices.

I know that some people dislike iOS 7. It took me a while to warm up to it, but now I really like it (with the exception of a few icons). So I think it makes sense to incorporate some of it into Apple's desktop operating system. I'd love to have the Control Center as shown in the screenshot above. That would be a welcome change from what OS X currently offers.

iOS 7 Hidden Features

Digital Trends has a good article that reveals some of iOS 7's lesser known features.

You can turn Touch ID on or off with ease

You can simplify the Notification Center

You can choose which apps can use cellular data

You can choose which apps can run in the background

Siri can learn to pronounce things right

You can make the text larger and bolder

You can tone down animations if they’re making you sick

More at Digital Trends

The tip about toning down the animations should be very helpful for those who have been reporting motion sickness in iOS 7. I haven't noticed it, but it seems like the animations have really bothered some people. Click through to the link above for specific directions on how to do each of the things listed in the quote.

Improve your iPhone's Battery Life

ZDNet has twenty three ways that you can prolong your iPhone's battery life. The article has been updated to cover iOS 7.

Editor's note: This slideshow was first published on May 4. It has been updated and refreshed with more power-saving tips in line with the release of iOS 7 in mid September.

Enterprises and business users love the iPhone because of its back-end management and security features that allow employees to bring their own from home (BYOD) and use it in the workplace. The one thing that lets the device down from full marks is its battery life. Compared to the old business favorite BlackBerry, the iPhone's battery life is far from comparable.

Here are 23 things you can do to make your iPhone run a little longer.

More at ZDNet

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