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Today in Open Source: The Samsung Galaxa Mega is huge! Plus: Aging Linux developers, and an overview of Linux bootloaders

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I wonder why the younger folks aren't taking to Linux development as much as the older generations? Could it be that they've become spoiled by the riches heaped on them by older developers? I'm not sure, but there definitely seems to be some passion lacking in some of the younger people.

Or maybe I'm just getting old and crotchety myself? I'm 44, so I'm even older than Linus! If you're a younger developer, please let me know if you've done some Linux development in the comments below. I'd be interested in hearing your thoughts about the need for new blood among Linux developers.

Linux Bootloaders

Devyn Johnson has a brief overview of Linux bootloaders at that some of you might find interesting.

Linux has a few bootloaders to choose from. Usually, Linux administrators leave the distro's default bootloader installed. Sometimes administrators need to use a different one or the distro's installer gives the administrators a choice between bootloaders. Clearly, it helps to know about the different Linux bootloaders.

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Bootloaders aren't exactly sexy, they don't usually get a lot of press. But Devyn's post in the forum might be useful to those who don't know what a bootloader is, and which ones are which.

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