Will Firefox OS beat Ubuntu in smartphone sales?

Today in Open Source: Firefox OS may be the Ubuntu slayer in smartphones. Plus: Four non-killing Linux games, and Tor usage increases over privacy concerns

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It's nice to see non-shooter type games getting some attention on Linux. We are blessed to finally see a lot of game development happening for Linux, so let's hope that we get a wide range of games offered that go beyond the usual stuff that's popular among some gamers.

Who doesn't enjoy masquerading as a brawny warrior loaded with improbably powerful portable weapons, and shooting the crap out of everything? But there are amusements beyond blowing things up, so please enjoy this roundup of four entertaining, challenging, beautiful games with no guns or warriors or aliens or zombies. I present to you the brand-new acclaimed Gone Home, the only genuine Mah Jongg game for Linux, Kajongg, and two classics given new life, SuperTuxKart and Extreme Tux Racer.

Super Tuxkart for Linux
Image Courtesy of Linux.com
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Tor Anonymity Usage Doubles

Ostatic has an article that notes the usage of Tor has more than doubled recently. This is no surprise given the NSA spying scandal, and the outrage expressed by many people after finding out about it.

That's why it's notable that according to the latest statistics available through Tor Metrics Portal there has been a large 100 per cent increase in the number of Tor clients and as many as 1,200,000 users are now connecting to the network. Tor, from the Tor Project, is one of the most powerful and flexible open source solutions for online anonymity, and it's clearly gaining popularity.

According to a message from Roger Dingledine, "the number of Tor clients running appears to have doubled since August 19."

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If you're concerned about your privacy on the web, you may want to check out Tor for yourself. Use the links below to get more information, download Tor, or read the Tor documentation.

Tor Site

Tor Download

Tor Documentation

Tor Blog

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