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Today in Open Source: Tips for switching from Windows to Linux. Plus: Open Source drones, and a review of Parsix 5.0

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Parsix 5.0 Review

LinuxBSDos has a full review Parsix 5.0 Lombardo. Parsix was one of the distros I ever reviewed for Desktop Linux Reviews back when I first started that blog. LinuxBSDos' take on Parsix 5.0 seems to be a bit of a mixed bag.

Parsix 5 is an example of a Linux distribution that has all the tools for make a desktop distribution that just works. And indeed, all Linux distribution have all the tools at their disposal to package such an operating system, but the developers either just don’t see the need to provide such a system or have taken the idea of freedom to an extreme. I think it’s a combination of both.

In general, Linux distributions have always been regarded as more secure operating systems than Windows. And that they are free of malware that plague that operating system. To a very large extent, that’s true. However, because of its very weak security posture, Parsix is not one of those distributions that I can confidently give to a Windows users and say, hey, use this distribution, it’s more secure than Windows. I couldn’t. At least not a default installation.

Parsix 5.0 Review
Image Courtesy of LinuxBSDos
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I totally agree with the review's take on the lack of an automated installer. Asking folks new to Linux to manually partition a hard disk just doesn't cut it any more, we are way past that point in the development of Linux as a desktop operating system.

Parsix 5.0 doesn't seem to offer much that you can't already get in other distros. If the developers don't take steps to improve it, I can't see Parsix ever amounting to much, given all of the other distros available.

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