Have Linux geeks gotten too fat?

Today in Open Source: Have Linux geeks gotten too fat? Plus: Running Linux on your Mac, and KDE changes

Have Linux Geeks Gotten Too Fat?

There's a funny thread over on Reddit about Linux shirt sizes. What size shirt did you wear back in 1999 and what size are you wearing today?

Linux Shirt Sizes

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I'm pleased to say that my shirt size is roughly the same. Oh sure, I put on a few pounds over the years (I'm 44 now), but I started doing P90X and Body Beast. Those two programs have really helped my aging geek body to get back in shape, and stay in shape. I highly recommend both programs. There's also Tony Horton's Ten Minute Trainer videos, and some other great workout videos from Beach Body at Amazon


Here's a recent pic of me. Not too bad for 44 eh? Just goes to show you that you can be a geek without having to stay fat and weak. At my heaviest I weighed about 172 pounds. Now I am down to about 145, and have managed to build some muscle too.


In addition to the Beach Body workout videos, I use the free My Fitness Pal app to keep track of my calories. You can get it for Android or for iOS. It makes tracking your calories very easy.

So if you're an out of shape Linux geek, have at it. You can burn off the fat and shrink your shirt size down to what you wore back in 1999.

Run Linux On Your Mac Via VirtualBox

TUAW has a guide to installing Linux on your Mac via VirtualBox. The article covers how to install VirtualBox, and how to set up a virtual machine for your Linux distribution.

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