Use WiFi Upload in VLC for iOS devices

Upload video content via WiFi in VLC for the iPad, iPod, iPhone and iPad mini

Use WiFi Upload in VLC for iOS

Here's how you can use WiFi to upload video content to VLC on your iPhone, iPod, iPad or iPad mini.

1. Be sure that your iOS device is on the same WiFi network as your computer.

2. Open the VLC app, tap on the VLC logo.

3. Go to the WiFi Upload section and toggle the switch to the On position.

4. You'll see an IP address and port number appear in the WiFi Upload section, under the toggle switch.

5. Enter the IP address and port number into your browser on your computer.

6. You can drag and drop your video content files into your browser, or click the Upload Files button.

VLC for iOS: Better Than Ever

It's great to finally see VLC back on iOS, it seems better than ever now.

The WiFi Uploads feature makes it a snap to add your own content to VLC. You don't even need to fumble around with iTunes to get your videos from your computer to your iOS device. This is going to be a huge time saver for those with large video collections that they want to keep on their iOS devices.

VLC: The Bane of Other Video Apps?

I suspect that VLC is going to be the bane of some other video apps. It offers so much, and it's totally free. That's pretty tough to compete with, and I think we may see a winnowing down of video apps in the iOS app store. Or perhaps it will just force other video app developers to add more value to their apps.

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