Take screenshots in Mac OS X Lion

Two ways to take screenshots in Lion

Here are two different ways to easily take screenshots in Mac OS X Lion.

1. Open the Preview application.

2. Go to the File menu and then select Take Screenshot.

3. You get three options to choose from:

Selection Window Entire Screen

If you prefer you can simply use keyboard shortcuts to take the screenshots and skip Preview altogether. This is the way I prefer to do it.

Here are your keyboard shortcuts to take screenshots on Mac OS X Lion:

Command-Shift-3 Lets you take a screenshot of the entire desktop. Command-Shift-4 Lets you select an area of the screen to capture. Command-Shift-4 then Space Lets you capture a window. Command-Control-Shift-3 You can take a screenshot of the entire screen and save it to your clipboard to be pasted in elsewhere. Command-Control-Shift-4 You can capture an area of the screen to the clipboard. Command-Control-Shift-4 then Space You can capture a window and save it to the clipboard.

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How to Screen Capture in Mac OS X Lion | iDevice Daily

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