Ten tips to find a job via LinkedIn

How to use LinkedIn to find a job

We're in a very tough economy these days, and job seekers need every bit of help they can find. These tips might increase your chances of finding a job via LinkedIn.

1. Scan and search the Jobs section of LinkedIn. You can access it by clicking on the Jobs tab at the top of the LinkedIn home page.

2. Use Inmaps to see your connections and professional experience represented on a map. Red is for where you've worked, blue for family and friends, green for colleges, yellow for conferences, etc.


3. Create and participate in polls on Linkedin to enhance your presence on the site.

4. Use the Answers section to ask questions of the people in your network or to establish new connections with experienced people.

5. Use profile apps to share your tweets and blog posts in your LinkedIn profile.

6. If you're a student you can share your assignments or extracurricular activities in your LinkedIn profile.

7. Download LinkedIn's mobile apps for Android and iPhone devices. The mobile apps will help you keep in touch and stay up to date with possible job openings.

8. Visit company pages to see who the company has recently hired. You can also see what kind of experience these new hires have and where they worked before they got their new job.

9. Take note of who has viewed your profile. Someone who has viewed it might be interested in hiring you.

10. Create a custom URL for your public profile via your profile page. It may help people find you on LinkedIn.


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