The 25 Best Free iPad Apps

The 25 Best Free iPad Apps – The iPad is finally here and there are already a bunch of apps available for it. Here's a list of the 25 best free apps for the iPad. That's right, these apps won't cost you a dime to download and install onto your iPad! So start clicking and start enjoying these great iPad apps. And be sure to click to the last page to see the awesome, free bonus apps!

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#25 AIM (8.9MB)

AOL still has millions of people using its IM service, AIM. Now you can get AIM right on your iPad. AIM has been built for the iPad from the ground up. AIM for the iPad lets you chat directly with your Facebook buddies, use a background theme, post photos, and get social networking updates in one window. You can also send IMs to your friend's cell phones, configure multiple usernames or switch identities.

If you love to IM, AIM for the iPad is well worth a download.

#24 Netflix (3.2MB)

If you have an unlimited Netflix membership, you're going to love Netflix for the iPad. You can stream TV shows and movies from Netflix right onto your iPad. Can't finish a movie or TV show? No problem, the Netflix iPad app lets you resume right where you left off. You can also browse movies and manage your queue from withing your iPad.

If you're not a Netflix member, you can use the Netflix app to start a free trial of the service.


#23 The Wall Street Journal (4.3MB)

The Wall Street Journal is one of the world's preeminent news publications and now you can have it right on your iPad. Download this free app and you'll be able to access all of the free content and features from the WSJ.

If you subscribe, you'll get even more content including a subscriber only content, a 7 day archive , saved sections and articles and My Journal that lets you share and save articles.


#22 BBC News (5.2MB)

The BBC is world renown for its news and now you can get it all free on your iPad. You can view news by category or geographic region. You can also view news in other languages including Spanish or Russian. There are also video reports, including one minute news summaries. The BBC News app can be personalized based on your interests and you can even download content to browse offline.


#21 USA Today (2.1MB)

Speaking of news, no news junkie's life is complete without the coverage provided by USA Today. The USA Today app lets you read stories from the News, Sports, Money and Life sections of the paper. You can also share stories with friends via email and social networking sites. You'll also get live weather conditions and a five day forecast for your area. Sports nuts will love the latest scores and you can flip through the day's best photos. You can also vote on poll questions too.


#20 Craigslist

Craiglist is one of the busiest and most popular sites on the Internet. Now you can use it via your iPad. The folks at Craigslist have taken their iPhone app and made it even better for the iPad. You'll get an iPad-only listing pane, maps, image previews in lists, better formatting, bookmark your searches, read & post forums, read the blog and lots of other good stuff.

This app is a must-have for Craigslist junkies.


#19 Draw (4.6MB)

Engage in cooperative drawing games with this unique iPad app. You can play sketching games over Bluetooth and you can even upload your favorite drawings to Twitter.

So break out those virtual pencils and start sketching!


#18 iPDF Reader (3.3MB)

The PDF format is widely used for documents and ebooks. Now you can comfortably and easily read PDF files on your iPad. iPDF Reader lets you search a library of books and PDF files. You can save books to read offline too.


#17 Voice Memos (1.1MB)

Who wants to bother typing a memo when you can simply speak into a microphone and record it? Voice Memos lets you use your iPad to record memos. The app features unlimited recording time, seek or pause while playing, audio level meter, pause a recording, and you can even tag your memos.

An optional purchase gets you the ability to email your voice memos.


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