Customize your Ubuntu 11.04 desktop

Sick of Unity? Here's how to fix it

Ubuntu's Unity desktop has not gone over well with a certain segment of users. Some people simply hate it with a white-hot passion, and it's hard to blame them since it's such a major departure from previous Ubuntu desktop environments. Well if you're one of these people you don't have to suffer with Unity.

Here's how you can fix it.

1. Remove Unity - Log out then choose Ubuntu Classic from the sessions drop menu box on the login screen.

2. Log back in and you'll be in the usual GNOME desktop environment.

3. Right-click on the bottom panel and choose "delete this panel."

4. Right click on the upper panel and choose properties. Go to the background tab and slide the "style" slider to transparent. Click the close button on the panel properties menu.

5. Open the Ubuntu Software Center and do a search on "cairo-dock." Enter your password to install Cairo-Dock.

6. Right-click on an empty space on your new dock and choose "configure."

7. Add themes, plugins, etc. to Cairo-Dock.

Your Ubuntu desktop should be much better than it was when you were running Unity. Add themes and wallpaper to make it even better, and to suit your own tastes.

Ubuntu 11.04 Desktop Customization Guide | Softpedia

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