Helpful tips for using Google's Chrome browser

Google's Chrome browser has taken the web world by storm. It quickly established itself as a bona fide competitor to Firefox, Internet Explorer and other browsers.

Chrome is truly a powerhouse among browsers and here are some tips to help you get the most out of it.

1. Multiple home pages - Click the wrench icon and go to Tools then Basics to have more than one site open when you start your browser.

2. Check your tabs - If you think a tab is misbehaving and sucking up a lot of resources, just hit Shift+Esc to open Chrome's task manager. You check your tabs and close any that are using too many resources.

3. Turn web pages into app shortcuts - App shortcuts will open in a browser window without browser buttons. This is handy for sites like Gmail, YouTube, etc. Click the wrench icon, then tools then create application shortcuts and hit the creat button.

4. Back button navigation - If you've gone a way into a site there's an easier way to find your way back. Click the back button and hold it to see a list of pages you've viewed. This is much faster than just clicking the back button over and over again to navigate backwards.

5. Edit a site's code - If you've ever thought you could do a better job coding somebody's site, this feature is for you. Right click on a page and select inspect element. You can make changes to the code that will only be visible in your browser.

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