Power tips for LibreOffice

Helpful ways to get the most out of LibreOffice

LibreOffice has exploded in popularity recently and many people are checking it out for possible use as their main office suite. There are important differences between LibreOffice and OpenOffice, however, and it's important to bear them in mind to get the most out of LibreOffice.

Here are five useful tips for LibreOffice:

1. Make LibreOffice aware if you are using a foreign language by highlighting text, then clicking Tools/Languages and then selecting the language you are using.

2. Make use of the slideshow presenter console that gives you a different view of your presentation then your audience.

3. Use the templates in Impress. Unlike OpenOffice, LibreOffice comes with some very good presentation templates that will help you dazzle and inform your audience.

4. Use LibreOffice's improved PDF import feature to add PDFs as Draw documents.

5. Make use of LibreOffice's bundled extensions via the Extension Manager.

Five power tips for LibreOffice users | Tech Republic

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