World of Warcraft and Mac OS X Lion

Mac OS X Lion improves World of Warcraft performance

The release of Mac OS X Lion has many Mac owners salivating, including those who play World of Warcraft (WOW). As you can imagine, there has been a lot of buzz in the WOW forums about Lion.

One of the best things about Mac OS X Lion is that it improves OpenGL support and performance over the previous version of Mac OS X. Lion supports extensions up to version 3.2 of OpenGL.

You can verify this on your system by going into your WOW preferences and experimenting with raising the video graphics settings. For example, if you have WOW set on Low or Fair then try raising it to Good or High. Or, if you are really bold, try cranking it up to Ultra...just to see what happens.

Chances are that your current computer may be able to run WOW even better than it did before after you upgrade to Mac OS X Lion.

You may also note a lack of slowdown when turning left to right since it appears that that particular video bug was fixed in Lion.

It's always a pleasant surprise when an OS upgrade improves gaming performance, and it seems that way with Mac OS X Lion and World of Warcraft.

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