Mobile phone hurricane tips

How to use your phone to keep your family safe during a hurricane

With the onslaught of hurricane Irene, many people are battening down the hatches. Don't forget though that a mobile phone can be a helpful tool during a hurricane emergency.

Here are some helpful tips to get your mobile phone ready for a hurricane.

1. Be sure you have a phone for a hurricane emergency.

2. Make sure your entire family has a communication plan ready for the hurricane.

3. Add all of your emergency contact number and email addresses into your phone before the hurricane.

4. Keep your mobile phone's battery charged at all times.

5. Keep your phone dry.

6. Have your home's landline calls forwarded to your mobile phone.

7. Track the hurricane and related weather information on your mobile phone.

8. Use located-based mapping technology on your mobile phone.

Hurricanes can be very scary but remember that your mobile phone can be a great tool to help you maintain communication.


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