Social media and college students

How to use social media to stay in touch with your college student

College can be a trying time for parents and students. Emotions run high as students prepare to leave home and enter a whole new world. Don't fret too much though, families can use social media to stay in touch.

Here are some helpful social media tips:

1. Follow your student's lead. Let your son or daughter invite you into their social media world. Don't press if they seem uncomfortable or prefer not to have you on their Facebook friend list.

2. Respect your student's boundaries. Be careful about not injecting yourself into conversations in social media between your student and his or her friends or significant others.

3. Consider other social media platforms besides Facebook and Twitter. Google+ and other platforms can offer different features that might help your interaction.

4. Communicate sparingly. Remember that your college student needs space and time to himself or herself. Don't flood them with social media babble while they are trying to adjust to their new environment.

Social media can be a great tool to help families stay in touch during the college years as long as it used wisely and sparingly.


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