Tips for taking your Mac to college

How to avoid problems when bringing a Mac to school

Macs are in demand among college students. Here's how you can avoid some common problems when bringing your Mac to school.

1. Know your Mac's serial number. Computer theft is serious problem in colleges so it makes sense to be able to identify your computer ahead of time, in case it gets stolen.

2. Know when your warranty expires.

3. Buy AppleCare if you don't already have it. AppleCare can save you a lot of money on repairs and replacement of parts or the entire computer.

4. Consider insuring your Mac before going to school.

5. Use Time Machine to backup your data and have an online backup solution as a backup for Time Machine.

6. Bring your original recovery disks with you in case you need to reinstall your Mac's operating system.

7. Consider turning off automatic software updates. Sometimes updates can add additional bugs and problems so it makes sense to avoid updates until you know they are safe.

8. Keep an additional power adapter if you own a laptop, just in case you lose the original one.

College can be a trying environment for Macs but you can avoid some common problems if you think ahead and plan carefully.


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