How to lend and borrow Kindle books

Here's how to use Amazon's Kindle to lend or borrow ebooks

You can now borrow or lend ebooks on Amazon's Kindle devices and readers. Here's how to do it.

To lend a Kindle book:

1. If you want to lend a book go to your Manage Your Kindle page or the book's product page. 2. Make sure the book has "Lending: Enabled" in its Product Details. Some publishers don't allow lending so you're pretty much at their mercy.

3. You can lend a book from your Manage Your Kindle page or the book's product page.

4. Click the Loan This Title link.

5. You'll need to enter the borrower's name and email, and you can send an optional personal message.

To borrow a Kindle book:

1. You should get an email message from the person lending you the book.

2. Click the "Get Your Loaned Book now" button.

3. If you don't have a Kindle or Kindle reading application, you'll be walked through the steps to download one.

4. You have 7 days from when you first get the email invitation to borrow the book. Once you download your borrowed book, you have 14 days to read it.


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