Stop the Internet Blacklist Bill (SOPA)

Here's how you can protect the free Internet and stop SOPA

Don't let Congress and Hollywood take away your Internet freedoms by passing the Stop Online Piracy Act (SOPA). Contact your congressperson right now and ask them to vote no on SOPA.

1. Visit the Contacting Congress site to get your congressperson and senator's phone number and address.

2. Call and write them to ask that they vote no on SOPA. Don't rely on just an email. A phone call and/or a snail mail letter is more effective at getting their attention.

3. Be polite but firm. Let them know that SOPA is absolutely unacceptable and that you will vote against any politician that votes for it, regardless of party.

If you aren't familiar with SOPA and how dangerous it is, visit the links below to find out why you should oppose it.

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