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Ars Technica: Linux Mint 14 released, leaves fresh taste in our mouths

"Mint shows that desktop-friendly Linux comes in flavors other than Canonical's Ubuntu, though the fact that Mint uses Ubuntu as its base means that Mint's continued availability is tied to Ubuntu's success. The maintainers could always switch to another base (Ubuntu itself is based on Debian Linux), but Mint gains much of its power and flexibility through Canonical's polishing of the underlying components.

However, if you're fed up with Unity and disagree philosophically with Canonical's design choices, Mint is an excellent way to keep Ubuntu's compatibility while abandoning its UI. "

Linuxed: Linux Mint 14 Nadia Review: Is it better than Maya?

"Linux Mint 14 is indeed a very good release. I found Ubuntu 12.10 to be a bit unstable and but Mint 14 is really stable. I have been using it from the RC days and it has worked smoothly for me till date. However, some of the goodies in Ubuntu 12.10 are not here like Web apps, Ubuntu music store, Amazon integration (some hate it though!), better integration with social network, etc. But, Linux Mint has rock solid stability. "

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