Download free PrinterHack app for Android

Create humorous ready messages for network printers

Here's how you can download the free PrinterHack app for Android. PrinterHack lets you create funny ready messages for network printers.

1. Visit the PrinterHack page in the Google Play store.

2. Tap on the Install button.

Here's a description of PrinterHack.

"Spice up that ready message.

This application can change the ready message on most network printers with a greyscale 1 or 2 line LCD display. Use it to make your printer ask users to "insert coin", let the IT guys know that it's "having a rough day", or warn unauthorized users that they will be eaten by a grue.

IF YOU HAVE A PROBLEM: please let me know and I'll help you get it working. I cannot respond to comments, so please don't leave comments saying "not working for me". Email me!


- Can change the ready message on any PJL-compatible network printer.

- Can also send operator messages which pause the print queue and display a message until the "ok" button is pressed."


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