Download free Scramble With Friends game for Android devices

Get the Scramble With Friends app free for your Android phone or tablet

Here's how you can download the Scramble With Friends app free for Android devices.

1. Go to the Google Play page for the free app Scramble With Friends.

2. Tap the Install button.

Here's a description of Scramble With Friends:

"Scramble With Friends™ is the fast, fun game of finding words in a jumbled grid. Quickly slide your finger over adjacent letters to form words forwards, backwards, sideways...any way you can!

Download Scramble With Friends™ Free to start playing today and join the millions of other players worldwide in Zynga’s newest must-have app!

Features in Scramble With Friends™:

A fast-paced, exciting new word game from the makers of Words With Friends™!

Challenge your friends in 3, two-minute rounds...the player with the highest score wins.

Power-Ups! Use Freeze Time, Inspire, and Scramble to gain an edge on your friends!

Login with your Facebook© account to play against your friends, or challenge a random opponent across the world.

View all of your in-progress games or launch a new game directly from the home screen widget. "

Scramble With Friends

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