Switch to new YouTube channel design

How to change to YouTube One Channel

Here's how you can switch your YouTube channel to the new channel design.

1. Go to the YouTube One Channel page.

2. Click the Get Started button at the bottom of the page.

Here's a description:

"You are more than the sum of your uploads. On your new channel, branding works across devices, you can reach out to non-subscribed viewers, and you can show off more of your content so fans will go deeper. Win new subscribers with a trailer video that only appears to non-subscribed viewers.

They’re all your fans; they just don’t know it yet. People see your channel on all kinds of screens. Soon your new channel will look good everywhere — laptops, phones, tablets, TVs, refrigerators, or any place with pixels. Nobody’s channel is like yours. Now you can organize and present your videos and playlists to reflect your one-of-a-kind style.

Want to be inspired? A few creators have already switched to the new channel design. Check out their channels and get started on your own."

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How to switch to YouTube’s new channel design right now | ghacks.net

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