Download free Guitar Suite app for iOS devices

Get the free Guitar Suite app for your iPad, iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad mini

Here's how you can download the Guitar Suite app free for your iPad, iPhone, iPad mini or iPod Touch.

1. Go to the Guitar Suite app preview page in iTunes (or tap the link on your iOS device to install the app directly).

2. Click the View in iTunes button.

3. Click the Free button to download the app.

4. Sync your iPad, iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad mini with iTunes to install the app.

Here's a description and screenshot:

"Guitar Suite contains six essential screens: Chords, Scales, Play Mode, Tuner, Tune by Ear, and a Metronome, making it the must-have comprehensive aid for guitarists. Practice, reference or teach by accessing Guitar Suite's library of over 25,000 popular chords. Visual feedback from the Metronome with variable tempo and meter, helps maintain a consistent tempo while practicing."

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