Download free D.O.T. Defender of Texel app for Android devices

Get the D.O.T. Defender of Texel app free for your Android phone or tablet

Here's how you can download the D.O.T. Defender of Texel app free for Android devices.

1. Go to the Google Play page for the free app D.O.T. Defender of Texel.

2. Tap the Install button.

Here's a description of D.O.T. Defender of Texel:

"n a world of squares, somebody needs to think outside the box…

A high-fantasy adventure with a twist, "D.O.T." is set in Texel, an 8-bit universe in dire need of a champion. In this exciting new RPG from Mobage, the player is transported through a mobile game into a world that has no concept of death or war--and is being torn apart by sinister robotic invaders. Only your skills as a commander can save the three tribes of Texel, and open the portal back to your own reality.

Experience a unique world that brings together 2D and 3D visuals—"D.O.T Defender of Texel!""

D.O.T. Defender of Texel

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