Download free Velis Auto Brightness app for Android devices

Get the Velis Auto Brightness app free for your Android phone or tablet

Here's how you can download the Velis Auto Brightness app free for Android devices.

1. Go to the Google Play page for the free app Velis Auto Brightness.

2. Tap the Install button.

Velis Auto Brightness uses your Android device's sensors to adjust the screen brightness automatically, depending on the lighting conditions. You can control the level of brightness for any lighting conditions. This makes it much easier to see what's on your Android device's screen, and it makes it more comfortable on your eyes.

Here's a list of features:

- Initial configuration wizard for an easy start

- User-selectable sensors: light, proximity (cameras planned soon)

- Supports custom sensors on phones such as Sony Xperia

- Brightness presets for every taste and screen

- Profiles (save the brightness graph under your own name)

- Fully customizable brightness graph to fit your needs or cover your sensor’s faults

- Extensive sensitivity adjustments (light change threshold, smoothing times up / down, boost threshold)

- Superdimming to make those shades really dark

- Excluded apps (will disable Velis Auto Brightness when they are on top)

- Launcher widget with on/off button, profile select button and a brightness graph

- Tasker / Locale support for many sensor readings and app settings

- Convenient in-app store for premium content (some tasker and widget functionality) and developer support

- Custom app language

- Additional brightness when charging

- Only uses sensors when screen is on conserving battery

Velis Auto Brightness

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