Get free Download Panel Tweaks extension for Firefox

Make the Firefox download panel more useful

Here's a free extension that adds functionality to the Firefox downloads panel. 1. Go to the Download Panel Tweaks page. 2. Click the Download Now button. Download Panel Tweaks offers the following functionality: Increases the number of displayed download items to 10 instead of 3 Reduces the height of non-active download entries (in both the panel and the Library view) Makes Ctrl+J toggle the panel rather than load the Library Changes the time remaining format to "12:42" instead of "12 minutes, 42 seconds" Rearranges the status line in the panel to include the download speed Limit the height of the panel (using CSS lengths such as "600px") Alter the panel style to have a white background and square corners Alter the action button hover styles to not change when the button itself isn't being hovered Disable the big green alert arrow that shows when starting and stopping downloads

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