Ten ways to prevent iPhone, iPad or iPod theft

How to protect your iOS devices from theft

Here are ten ways to protect your iPhone, iPad or iPod from theft.

1. Don't leave your iOS device laying around when you aren't there.

2. Keep your iPhone, iPod or iPad out of view.

3. Make use of buttons and zippers to seal your iOS device up while carrying it.

4. Pay attention to what is going on around you.

5. Don't use earbuds, they are a dead giveaway you have some kind of device with you.

6. Make use of clips to secure your iOS device.

7. Don't use clips that adhere to your belt though, these make a tempting target for thieves.

8. Don't bring your iOS device to parties where you might get drunk and leave it laying around somewhere.

9. Set up a password on your iPod, iPhone or iPad to protect it.

10. Use the Find My iPhone (or iPad or iPod) app.

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10 Tips to Prevent iPhone Theft | New York Criminal Law Blog

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