Download free Dentist Office app for iOS devices

Get the free Dentist Office app for your iPad, iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad mini

Here's how you can download the Dentist Office app free for your iPad, iPhone, iPad mini or iPod Touch.

1. Go to the Dentist Office app preview page in iTunes (or tap the link on your iOS device to install the app directly).

2. Click the View in iTunes button.

3. Click the Free button to download the app.

4. Sync your iPad, iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad mini with iTunes to install the app.

Here's a description and screenshot:

"Have you ever wanted to become a dentist? Now you can with the Dentist Office app.

Featuring 4 patients with 1,000's of scenarios to work on.


1. Move the tooth brush back and forth to remove the yellow plaque (note: may take a few times to remove it all)

2. Use the yellow polishing tool to remove the brown tarter from the teeth (move it back and forth).

3. Use the green drill tool to remove the black spots on the teeth (move it back and forth).

4. Use the spray to remove the bad breath.

5. Use the blue brush tool to remove the green food pieces from in between the teeth.

6. Use the suction tool to remove the saliva from the mouth.

7. Dip the filling tool into the filling compound of your choice and paint it on the teeth.

8. Hold the braces tool over the desired braces for 3 seconds to pick it up."

Dentist Office

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