Download free Cartoon Camera app for Android devices

Get the Cartoon Camera app free for your Android phone or tablet

Here's how you can download the Cartoon Camera app free for Android devices.

1. Go to the Google Play page for the free app Cartoon Camera.

2. Tap the Install button.

Here's a description of Cartoon Camera:

"Create cartoon and sketch like photography with your camera.


- Real-time cartoon effect

- 12 effects: Cartoon, Color Drawing, Sepia, White Strokes, Dark Strokes, Colored Edges, Pencil Sketches and many more

- Adjustable edge strength (slider on the right side of the screen)

- Adjustable color sensitivity / saturation (slider on the left side of the screen)

- Save images quickly by a single touch of a button

- Supports auto focus (tap anywhere on the screen)

- Supports camera flash

- Supports front camera (requires Android 2.3+)

- App can be installed to SD

- Saved images are stored to external storage under CartoonCamera folder"

Cartoon Camera

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