Is Linux too dull and boring?

Today in Open Source: Is Linux boring? Plus: How to Find Android tablet apps, and Crunchbang Linux is a minimalist's dream distro!

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I'd say it's long past time for Google to fix the Google Play store, and create a separate and easy to use section for Android tablet apps. Android has made a lot of progress against iOS, but this is one area where it still lags woefully behind Apple's tablet offerings.

Making tablet apps easier to find might also help encourage developers to create more of them for Android. That would be a good thing for users, but also for Google and other Android tablet manufacturers.

Crunchbang: A minimalist's dream distro!

Jon Buys at Ostatic has a very positive look at Crunchbang Linux. I don't blame him for being enthusiastic about it, I did a review of it for Desktop Linux Reviews a while back and I really liked it a lot. It's perfect for older hardware or people who simply prefer a functional desktop without tons of eye candy and unnecessary bloat.

On a fresh reboot and login, Conky reports memory use to be 150MB of the 6GB I have available. After launching Exaile and Firefox Ice Weasel and opening a dozen or so tabs, memory use went up to 400-460MB. Launching VirtualBox with a Windows XP VM brought the memory use up just past 1.2GB. The CPU never broke a sweat. The default install size on the hard drive looked to be about 2.4Gb

So far the only complaint I have about Crunchbang is the odd choice of default text editor. I'm sure the developers are aware that Vim is the perfect editor for Crunchbang. Other than that, everything I've tried has worked well. Bluetooth support installed easily with apt-get, and I was able to pair both my Apple keyboard and Magic Mouse with no problems, which was always a pain point with Ubuntu. All in all I give Crunchbang a solid thumbs-up.

More at Ostatic

You can get more information about Crunchbang from the Crunchbang site. You can also download it or make a contribution toward its further development.

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