The Ubuntu Edge phone is dead

Today in Open Source: The Ubuntu Edge phone is dead. Plus: Open source jobs are smokin' hot, and write about Linux to enhance your career prospects

The Death of the Ubuntu Edge Phone

Well, it didn't take long for Canonical's crowdsourced phone to die a quick death. The Ubuntu Edge phone is dead, despite Canonical having raised more than $12 million dollars in a massive crowdfunding effort.

Canonical's attempt to raise $32 million to build the Ubuntu Edge, a powerful phone that can double as a desktop when docked with a monitor, mouse, and keyboard, has failed. The crowdfunding campaign on Indiegogo took in "only" $12.8 million before the deadline passed a few hours ago.

Canonical founder Mark Shuttleworth had told BBC that the Edge would be such a high-end device that "we would have been bringing the future forward a year or two at least." But this doesn't mean Ubuntu phones themselves are dead. The smartphone interface for the Ubuntu operating system is still being developed, and carriers around the world have signed on as potential launch partners.

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I was very skeptical about the Ubuntu Edge, as I noted in an earlier article. Given the market share and popularity of iOS and Android phones, it's going to be tough for anybody else to get a foothold in the mobile phone market. Even Microsoft has been unable to do it with their Windows Phone products.

Still, I give Canonical a lot of credit for making the attempt. I can also appreciate the passion of those who contributed financially to Canonical's effort. There was clearly a small minority of people who wanted to see the Ubuntu Edge go into production. The money they contributed will be refunded over the next week or so.

Alas, it wasn't meant to be. Still, there will be other Ubuntu based phones brought to market, according to the article. So perhaps there's still hope that Ubuntu can become an alternative to Android or iOS. I'm still not optimistic about that idea, but I wish them well as it's always better for consumers to have more choices.

Open Source Jobs Are Smokin' Hot!

SJVN has an insightful article up on Smart Bear about just how hot the open source jobs market really is these days. Yes, we're in a bad economy, but you wouldn't know it by reading Steven's article. Open source is where the jobs are in technology these days.

Here's a brief list of some of the hot job areas in open source (from the table in the article):

Big Data





Ruby on Rails

If you're in the market for an open source job, you may want to check, SimplyHired and some of the other job sites to see which employers are hiring in your area.

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