Download free Duolingo app for iOS devices

Learn languages for free with Duolingo for iPad, iPhone and iPad

Here's how you can download the free Duolingo app for iOS devices. Duolingo lets you learn different languages free on your iPad, iPad mini, iPod or iPhone.

Download Duolingo in iTunes

1. Go to the preview page in iTunes.

2. Click the View in iTunes button.

3. Click the Free button to download the app.

4. Sync your iPad, iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad mini with iTunes to install the Duolingo app.

Download Duolingo in the iOS App Store

1. Open the App Store on your iPad, iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad mini.

2. Search for "Duolingo" (without the quotes).

3. Tap the Free button to download the app and install it on your iOS device.

Duolingo Makes it Easy to Learn Languages

Duolingo seems like a radical departure from traditional ways of learning new languages. You get to translate real world text in your new language, thus helping to translate the web into other languages. Plus you can compete with your friends and level up while learning.

In some ways Duolingo makes learning a new language more of a game than anything else. And we all know how much people love games!

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