The $80 Firefox OS phone is perfect for hunting season!

Today in Open Source: ZTE's Firefox OS phone is perfect for hunting season! Plus: Metro Last Light comes to Linux, and Netrunner 13.06 protects your privacy and fights censorship!

The $80 Firefox OS Phone: Perfect for Hunting Season!

ZTE will soon be selling an unlocked Firefox OS phone for $80 on ebay. It will be very interesting to see how such a low cost phone, running a very different mobile OS, does against the slew of Android and iOS phones out there right now.

Rising Android smartphone vendor ZTE continues to test the market on another Linux-based mobile operating system: Mozilla’s Firefox OS. The Firefox OS-based ZTE Open will go global with a release coming “soon” to eBay’s U.S. and U.K. online stores, starting at $80 and 60 Pounds, respectively. The phone is unlocked, so it can be used just about anywhere, and is available only in orange coloring.

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I know that some folks will be disappointed that it only comes in orange, but think of the possibilities during hunting season! It looks fairly close to the usual blaze orange gear worn by most hunters during deer season.

Firefox OS Phone for Hunting Season
Image Courtesy of Linux Gizmos

So this could be a huge niche market for the Firefox OS phone. Who knows, perhaps we'll see it at Cabelas, Bass Pro and other places. Not exactly the typical places people go to buy phones, but perfect for the hunting crowd.

And if you lose the phone or it gets damaged while out in the woods? Hey, no problem. It's only $80 so it's not like you have to replace an expensive iPhone or top of the line Android phone. The cost is minimal, comparatively speaking. So rugged terrain, angry bears, cranky moose and other dangers shouldn't set you back much if your Firefox OS phone is lost or damaged.

What could be better than a phone that helps you avoid being accidentally shot while hunting? And the deer won't even notice as you check your email, make a call, or zap some space aliens on your blaze orange Firefox OS phone!

Metro Last Light Coming to Linux

Yet another great game is poised to hit Linux soon. Metro Last Light is a first person shooter that looks like it's going to light up the world of Linux gamers.

It's amazing that we are seeing so many games being developed for Linux. Everyday seems to bring news of yet another hot game making its way into the hands of Linux gamers. It's a new world now for Linux gamers.

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