Back to school mobile phone and computer safety tips

Protect your computer, mobile devices and data when school starts

Here are some helpful back to school computer and mobile device security tips. These tips will help prevent your data or devices from being stolen.

1. Lock down your computer and other devices, if it all possible, using cables and locks.

2. Make sure all devices are password-protected, so unauthorized users cannot access your data.

3. Password protect all email accounts.

4. Use strong passwords for all accounts and devices.

5. Beware of sharing too much information via social media.

6. Use anti-virus and anti-malware programs to protect your devices.

7. Beware of email phishing messages designed to get you to disclose passwords and other private data.

8. Don't use insecure networks without a VPN client.

9. Be sure your mobile phone uses a password or other lock screen protection.

10. Avoid carrying your mobile phone to risky places.

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