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Today in Open Source: Run OS X applications in Linux? Plus: Leadwerks Linux game development, and a free iOS 7-like control center app for Android

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To capitalize on the current momentum behind Linux gaming this Kickstarter campaign aims to provide Leadwerks with enough capital to port its game development environment. Thus enabling would-be game developers to design, build, and test their creations entirely inside of the Linux environment without the use of Virtual Machines or Windows-based workstations.

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It really is nothing short of amazing to see the interest in Linux game development these days. Linux used to be a bit of a pariah for game developers, but not so now.

Microsoft has irritated enough developers over the years that they've realized that they can no longer afford to be Windows-only. Thank you, Microsoft. I hope Steve Ballmer remains CEO at Microsoft for as long as it takes for Linux gaming to really take off.

iOS 7-like Control Center App for Android

There's a neat free app available for Android users that provides a control center that looks like the one in iOS 7. Apple isn't very happy about it, but there's not much they can do about it.

Control Center is a free app for Android that strongly resembles the control center in Apple's iOS 7 operating system. If you like the way iOS 7's control center looks, then you'll like having something like it on your Android device.

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Control Center

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