Is Android beating Apple in the tablet market?

Today in Open Source: Android tablets beating Apple's iPad? Plus: Mozilla Firefox 23 released, and reviews of Linux Mint 15 KDE and Xfce

Android Beating Apple in Tablets?

There's an interesting story on CNet today about Android gaining market share in tablets in the second quarter. On the surface it looks like Android is beginning to eat Apple's lunch. But is that really true?

Samsung, Amazon, and other tablet makers gained market share in the second quarter as those vendors cut into Apple's dominant position.

While Apple still holds about 43 percent of the worldwide tablet market -- by far the single largest percentage -- Samsung, Amazon, Lenovo, Acer, and others saw hefty year-to-year gains in shipments during the second quarter, ranging from 228 percent (Acer) to 317 percent (Lenovo), according to a research note released Thursday by Canalys.

Overall Android shipments topped Apple.

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The market study covered in the article seems to focus on shipments, rather than concrete sales numbers. I'm somewhat suspicious when ever somebody uses the word "shipments" instead of "sales." Sales, in the end, are what matter, along with profits.

Speaking of profits, the other problem with this article is that it barely mentions profits, only at the end does it note that Apple will dominate in terms of profitability for years to come. It seems to me that profit-share is what really matters, not market share or shipments.

So, for now, I remain pessimistic about Android being able to beat Apple in the tablet market. Plus, Apple will no doubt be doing a refresh of the iPad and iPad mini later this year, and that's bound to rocket up sales of those products.

Mozilla Firefox 23 Available for Download

Good news for Firefox users, Firefox 23 has been released for download.

The brand-new Mozilla Firefox 23 web browser will be officially announced by Mozilla later today, but you can download the final version right now (see download link at the end of the article) from the official Mozilla FTP servers.

Among the highlights of Mozilla Firefox 23.0 we can mention that mixed content blocking has been enabled to protect users from eavesdroppers and man-in-the-middle attacks on HTTPS pages, the about:memory's functional UI (user interface) has been improved, the notifications of plugin installation has a simpler interface, and social share functionality has been added.

Download Mozilla Firefox 23.0 for Linux (binaries and sources), download Mozilla Firefox 23.0 for Windows and download Mozilla Firefox 23.0 for Mac OS X right now from Softpedia.

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