What was your first Linux distro?

Today in Open Source: Your first Linux distro? Plus: Mark Shuttleworth an asset to desktop Linux? WordPress 3.6 is out!

Your First Linux Distro?

Foss Force has the results of a poll of their readers that asked about their first Linux distro. Wow. Talk about taking me back a long, long time! I haven't thought about how I got started with Linux for ages.

Your answers also showed us just how diverse the readership here is. Not only did we see a lot of you offering up the usual suspects, such as Debian, Ubuntu, Mint and Fedora, we also got reminders of Linux’s rich history. It was somewhat gratifying to discover that some who visit here first tried Linux using long gone but not forgotten distros such as Yggdrasil and Soft Landing System.

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As far as I can recall, my first distro was SUSE. I remember buying it in a box, and installing it on my computer. Yes, I actually bought it on a disc rather than downloading it. I don't think I had a disc burner back then, so that may have had something to do with it.

Plus, I think I wanted to support it by giving the developers some money for their product. That's still a good idea. If you use a distro and there's a "donation" link somewhere on the site, drop the developers a few bucks to help support your favorite distro.

It was always exciting to get a new version of SUSE. I liked reading about the new features, and I'd spend hours poking around with it to see what I liked and what I didn't. Looking back at it, I was a distro reviewer just waiting to be born! Heh, heh.

So tell me in the comments about your first distro, are you still using it? Or have you moved on to something else?

Mark Shuttleworth and Desktop Linux

Speaking of Foss Force, there's another article about why Mark Shuttleworth is important to the development and success of desktop Linux.

I mostly agree with the sentiments of the article, Ubuntu is an asset to the desktop Linux community. It offers a relatively easy way into desktop Linux, while offering a lot of "fit and finish" to impress new users.

I don’t like Ubuntu. I won’t use it. It’s way too mainstream for this old hippie. But that’s just my personal preference. In truth, it’s a damn fine operating system, maybe the best consumer oriented OS to come out of Linux ever. I use Bodhi, which is built on Ubuntu, a fact that was almost a deal breaker for me. Since I’ve become a Bodhi user, however, I’ve become very impressed with the “Ubuntu inside.” Bodhi is a much better distro than it ever could be if it didn’t have Ubuntu DNA.

Shuttleworth, you see, seems to understand fit and finish.

More at Foss Force

Yes, I know that many hate Ubuntu because of Unity or whatever. But Ubuntu tends to be more well known among non-Linux users. So I consider it a "gateway distro" that brings new users into the desktop Linux community.

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